I want to increase my revenues now


We’ll Increase Your Number of Customers

We’ll deliver you more customers because of our highly targeted promotion.


We’ll Increase the Average Ticket per Table

The average number of people for a birthday lunch or dinner outing is 3-4 and the average ticket is $78*


We’ll Increase the Frequency of their Visits

Because we are building you an asset of customers in a database that you can use to send emails and texts for special offers to get them back in your establishment more frequently.

How it Works

You come up with an irresitable offer and we’ll do the rest!

  • We’ll design an ad and start delivering the online ad to people within a 10 mile radius of your location that are having a birthday in the next 7 days.
  • We then capture their name and email and give them a coupon.
  • We automtically follow up with an email to remind them to come on their birthday.
  • Now that you have a database of customers you can send them monthly offers to get them to increase their frequency to your establishment.

It really is that easy!

Top Benefits

Beat everyone in your local area for the birthday eat-out business


We do all the work

We put our automated marketing systems to work on your business to get you get consistent results. You’ll have to give us a great offer and approve our ads and emails but that is it!


You get an asset for the business

All of your current marketing probably doesn’t get you a database of customers that you can use to get them to come back more frequently. Now you can!


Increase Repeat Business

Since you can send offers through out the month you’ll be able to increase your repeat business.


Be able to measure the effectiveness of our ads

Maybe for the first time you’ll be able to actually measure the effectiveness of your ad campaign.


Fill your business at slow times during the day

You’ll be able to send a quick text at 2:30pm to get people in for a free appetizer or desert with a BOGO offer.


Generating a Consistent Flow of New Customers

Since our ads are so highly targeted, we can give you a consistent flow of new customers and these are your highest ticket customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer the most commonly asked questions.

What do I as the Restaurant Owner need to do?

All we need from you is approval to start, the set up fee, and an irrestible offer. The better the offer, the higher the conversion rate and the more money you make.

How much will it cost?

It is around $15/day and that includes the ad spend. There is a $197 set up fee which covers the cost of creating the display ad, provisioning the ad, setting up a landing page to capture customer info and creating the email autoresponders.

What am I going to get from this relationship?

We are going to grow your business and you’ll be able to see the Return On Investment from this campaign. We know that if we can’t show a great return on our automated marketing system then you’ll go back to your former ways of marketing and slow growth. We want you to thrive!

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

Nope! If we don’t get you results than you can leave at any time, but we know we can get results so we aren’t worried.

Do you have anything else that will help me grow my business?

Absolutley, we just want you to get comfortable working with us first so we can show you that we can get results! After that, we are going to show you our amazing mobile app that is customized just for your business so you can keep tabs on customers and notify them of specials and fill your restaurant at slow times during the day. And we have other things up our sleeve that are all designed to make you very profitable!


Our Pricing Makes Streaming Your Live Events Affordable for Anyone!

Birthday Club Package

$15 / day – Includes Ad Spend!

$197 setup for the Birthday Club – We create display ads, landing pages and emails for the autoresponder.
  • We create an online display ad and lead capture pages and autoresponder emails
  • 30 Days Online Ad Placement within 10 mile radius
  • Marketing Automation System to allow sending of emails and texts to bring customers back
  • No Long-Term Contract, but once you see how profitable this is you’ll never want it to end!

Need a customized plan ? Get in Touch, we’ll tailor you one to suit your needs.

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